Daniels, WV

About Diana

Diana PittisIn 1972 I signed up for a night class in ceramics and since then have been devoted to clay. I love what happens when clay, water and fire come together.

I primarily make functional stoneware because there is a great demand for beautiful utilitarian pots. All of this work is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

This and teaching a few semi-private classes from my studio is how I support myself. In my spare time I make one-of-a-kind decorative pots and sculptural pieces using the technique Raku. This is a very spontaneous and organic method of firing that is always dramatic.

Being a good potter can be as complex or spare as you want. I really enjoy the designing aspect, creating and developing new forms. Texture and surface treatment are elements I focus on. The glazing process with the chemistry involved and subsequent firing technique is essential to the finished product and distinguishes one potter from another. Potters for the most part enjoy sharing their unique approaches to working with clay. Inspiration comes from everywhere, the awe is everywhere. My attitude is “be brave, try it!

— Diana Pittis

Note:  Diana Pittis passed away in 2017.